Asus K53SV 16GB RAM support

I couldn’t find one definitive answer to the question, so I thought I’d post it here :

Yes, the Asus K53SV does support 16GB RAM (2x8GB). But read on.

I own this laptop with a i7-2630QM CPU (which supports up to 16GB RAM, according to Intel), and recently replaced the RAM with two ADATA AD3S1600W8G11-B sticks. Keep in mind that each of them has a 16x512M configuration (the ADATA website gets this wrong for some reason). Lots of 8GB sticks these days have a 8x1G configuration. I obviously can’t guarantee anything, but I guess every 16x512M stick should work, of course as long as it accepts 1.5V. Your mileage may vary with 8x1G sticks.

If you have a different CPU, check its official specification on the Intel site to make sure that it supports 16GB of RAM. However, according to Asus, the weakest CPU that was used in that laptop was the Pentium Dual Core B940, and it also supports 16GB – so others should too. But it never hurts to check.

Good luck! And please post your findings if you happen to be running two 8x1G sticks in this laptop.


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5 odpowiedzi na „Asus K53SV 16GB RAM support

  1. zerx pisze:

    I’m happy to announce another success story with K53SV and 16G RAM :) The sticks I used are from Hynix, HMT41GS6MFR8C-PB
    CPU: Core i7-2760QM
    CPU-Z link with details:

  2. wanderingsky pisze:

    I have the 2670QM with the same motherboard. I cannot find AD3S1600W8G11-B. Will the set of 2 AD3S1600W8G11-2 work?

  3. wanderingsky pisze:

    I have a K53sv running Windows 7 H.P. on a i7-2670QM currently with 8gb PC3-10700 that has a maximum supported memory of 32gb. Windows 7 H.P. only accepts a max of 16gb however. I cannot find a AD3S1600W8G11-B available will a set of two AD3S1600W8G11-2 work ok?

    PS: my original message was deleted please do not delete this one, it is a legitmate question.

    • Daniel pisze:

      Yes, I think they will work. According to the site that I linked, this model also uses 16 ICs of 512MB, so the configuration seems to be the same as the ones that I use. Fingers crossed!

  4. what this mean pisze:

    Hello everybody,
    I have an Asus K53SV-„something” with i5 processor.
    I’m happy to say that I have upgraded the notebook to 16GB (2x8GB banks). The computer passed memtest and the OS seen all of ’em.

    Ram banks are 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz Dual Rank (this means every bank is seen as 2x4GB in fact on any side of the bank there are 8x512MB chips).
    Probably if I bought 8GB Single Rank banks they would have not worked.

    Thank you for this post helping people to keep using still good old PCs.


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