Running Windows 7 on a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V8010

tl;dr: Disable AHCI in BIOS, install, and get the missing drivers from here.

I had some time to kill and wanted to have some fun, so I dug up my sister’s old Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V8010 laptop and decided to install Windows 7 on it. The hardware barely meets the minimum requirements of the OS, so I wasn’t even hoping for the experience to be good, but wanted to do this anyway. Turns out I was right : Internet browsing kind of works if you’re patient, but full screen YouTube video in 360p is too much.

The installation from the USB drive went smoothly. However, the system wouldn’t boot after the installer restarted the hardware two times, giving me a BSOD: 0x0000007b (0x80786B58, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000). 7B means that the boot device is inaccessible, which seemed weird to me, since the installer showed my drive without any problems. After reading other people’s reports of the problem, I decided to turn off AHCI in BIOS and start the installation from scratch. It worked this time. I remember AHCI working without any issues on Windows XP (with the extra drivers slipstreamed onto the installation disc), but I guess that the drivers built-in into Windows 7 just don’t work with this particular chipset for some reason. It doesn’t seem possible to be able to replace them, since Intel does not provide AHCI drivers for this chipset (82801FBM aka ICH6M) for Vista or above. This means that we’re stuck in legacy ATA mode, unless the XP drivers work for some reason : I have not checked this myself.

After installation, you need to install drivers for the following devices :

  • Graphics (Intel 915GM / VEN_8086&DEV_2792&SUBSYS_107D1734&REV_03). Intel does not provide the drivers for this chipset themselves, but I found a Vista driver for an AOpen motherboard with the same chipset linked from this forum post. It works okay, but I haven’t tested the S-Video or D-Sub outputs.
  • Audio (Conexant AC-Link, some variation of AC97 / VEN_8086&DEV_266E&SUBSYS_107D1734&REV_03). The XP driver provided by Fujitsu works just fine on Windows 7.
  • Wi-Fi (Intel 2200BG / VEN_8086&DEV_4220&SUBSYS_27028086&REV_05). Drivers for Vista provided by Intel, work on Windows 7 as well.
  • Card reader (Texas Instruments PCIxx21 / VEN_104C&DEV_8033&SUBSYS_107D1734&REV_00). Found something on DriverScape that works. Tested with an SD card only, though.
  • Infrared port (ACPI\NSC6001). Found something on DriverScape that installs and Windows reports as working. I haven’t tested it at all, though, since I don’t have a second IrDA device to connect to.

Keep in mind that I just pointed Device Manager to the folder and asked it to look for the files for the given device – I advice you to do the same. As such, I can’t really tell you if any of the setup programs work properly.

For your convenience, I repackaged the drivers and put them all in this Google Drive folder. I had to remove HXFSetup.exe from the audio driver because Google labeled it as a virus. The file is present in the original Fujitsu package.

The drivers for the rest (so, Bluetooth, Ethernet, PCMCIA, FireWire, and modem in case you wanted to get some of that 56k glory) of the devices are installed automatically.


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